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We believe that great food comes from nat­ur­al  ingre­di­ents. This is why Pri­mo Pas­ta is a  man­u­fac­tur­er of fresh pas­ta, that omits the usage of egg, addi­tives, col­orants or oth­er flavour enhancers. Our clients report supe­ri­or taste and much faster cook­ing time com­pared to egg-based alter­na­tives. Using plant-based pas­ta for your busi­ness has  a num­ber of advan­tages:

  • Low CO2 foot­print thanks to its pro­duc­tion 250km from Ams­ter­dam, and thanks to omit­ting egg
  • Cook­ing time 30–90 sec (vs. 5–8min)
  • Min­i­mum dura­bil­i­ty of 100 days
  • No risk of sal­mo­nel­la
  • Supe­ri­or taste (report­ed by clients)
  • Address­ing egg-intol­er­ances
  • Address­ing veg­an­ism

Still not con­vinced? Come and taste our fresh pas­ta in our new­ly opened restau­rant in Ams­ter­dam and let’s have  a chat about our poten­tial part­ner­ship! Already con­vinced? Than fill in the form below!


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